Tuesday 26 June 2012

Olympic Torch Relay Sheffield–25 June 2012

Olympic Torch Relay-6.jpg

Yesterday the Olympic Torch Relay reached Sheffield.  As it passed about 1.5 miles from my house I decided to go and watch it. 

I am pleased I did as it was great to see such a moment in history that is unlikely to ever be repeated.  But it was a lot of waiting around – 90 minutes – for only about 1 minute of action!

I am also not used to seeing so many Union Flags on display – it did at times seem to be like what I’d imagine a BNP rally to be like!

Olympic Torch Relay-1.jpg

There were lots of vehicles that were part of the relay but were well ahead of the torch runner, including this one with one of the mascots on top of it.

Olympic Torch Relay-2.jpg

By complete fluke I stood at the changing point between two relay runners.  So I got to see Ashley Reeves (number 112) hand over to runner number 113 (couldn’t find his name on the London 2012 website list)

Olympic Torch Relay-3.jpg

The police kept a close eye on proceedings from their chopper overhead!

Olympic Torch Relay-4.jpg

Finally Ashley came into view and I hurriedly fired off a few snaps of her as she approached.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a gap between the vehicles in front of her and behind her so the amount of time she was in my line of sight was very short.  But I did get some good shots I think.

Olympic Torch Relay-5.jpgOlympic Torch Relay-7.jpg

Ashley then stopped almost next to me and this allowed me to get some close-ups of the torch and flame.  Unfortunately the Olympic logo was on the other side of the torch.

Olympic Torch Relay-8.jpgOlympic Torch Relay-10.jpgOlympic Torch Relay-11.jpg

Ashley then lit runner number 113’s torch and he then ran off into the distance. Luckily I managed to capture the moment that he torch lit his!

Olympic Torch Relay-9.jpg

This last photo is my photo of the week for week 26 of my 52 challenge.  I can’t believe that I am already half-way through the challenge and I that haven’t really struggled to come up with a photo each week.  I have ideas for what I will be shooting for weeks 27-30 so watch this space!

To see all of the photos of my 52 challenge so far visit this set on flickr.

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