Sunday 17 June 2012

Grenoside Gala 2012

Grenoside Gala-4.jpg

Yesterday was the Grenoside Gala, Grenoside’s version of the village fête. It was a good event and I got some nice photos.  It was great to catch up with my mate, and fellow photographer, Phil.

As per usual the gala started with a procession of the outgoing and incoming queen, led this year by a girl on horseback.

Grenoside Gala-1.jpg

Grenoside Gala-2.jpg

The Grenoside Sword Dancers were in the procession and I managed to snap my neighbour Ray:

Grenoside Gala-3.jpg

The gala was opened and then the incoming queen gave a speech:

Grenoside Gala-5.jpgGrenoside Gala-6.jpg

I then caught up with my lovely niece Izzy and found her eating an ice-cream. She then tried out the climbing wall and climbed really high!

Grenoside Gala-7.jpgGrenoside Gala-8.jpgGrenoside Gala-9.jpgGrenoside Gala-10.jpg

I then headed back inside to see what was happening and saw a group of local ladies performing a belly dancing routine.  Grenoside Gala-11.jpgGrenoside Gala-12.jpgGrenoside Gala-13.jpg

Grenoside Gala-14.jpg

One of the main reasons why I attended the gala was to try to get a suitable photo for my photo of the week.  I was tempted to submit the final shot of the belly dancer above but I then noticed a quick snap I’d taken of the queen earlier on. I thought this would work really well as a high contrast black and white photo and so it becomes my photo of the week.

24-52 - Gala Queen-2.jpg


  1. I'd like to know why Belly Dancing is bizarre to be seen at a family event? This is an art form of dance. I very much doubt other people share your opinion as they have been Belly Dancing at Grenoside Gala for many years running and are very popular.

  2. An art form at a family gala is inspirational not bizzare.
    These ladies perform every year and must obviously be asked back for a reason. There is usually a good crowd watching them and a good cheer at the end of it. Let them be.

  3. Anonymous - sorry if my comment has upset you. I have been going to the gala for quite a few years now but this is the first time I've ever seen the belly dancers. I did think that one of the songs they danced to was a bit raunchy and suggestive which is why I felt it wasn't appropriate for young kids to watch.

  4. Bit old for you are they? ;-)

  5. Simon - I have sent you a very nice email requesting you remove the photos of the above belly dancers, would you kindly oblige.

  6. Hi Anonymous - sorry but I haven't received an email. Why do you want me to remove the photos?

  7. Simon you have captured some excellent photos of the Gala but your comments regarding the Belly Dancers are both incorrect and unwelcome. The Belly Dancers are a valued regular feature of Grenoside Gala and do not deserve to be plastered liberally on your blog and then accompanied by rather strange remarks.

    The Grenoside Gala Team would advise you to respect the Gala's performers more and to immediately remove these unofficial images from the internet. Furthermore an apology to the Belly Dancers might not go amiss too!

  8. Anonymous - I'm really sorry that I have upset you and the belly-dancer with my comment. I am not willing to take down the photos but I have removed the comment so I hope that this compromise is acceptable to you.

  9. Simon - I sent my email to the contact details on your website, are these not up to date? Whilst I thank you for removing your comments, unfortunately the damage has been done. I understand that during public performances we cannot prevent anyone taking photos, but if you wish to use them to advertise your business I strongly feel you should at lease obtain permission. For this reason I request again that these pictures be removed.

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