Sunday 30 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 30

Day 30, only one more tomorrow and then my challenge is over for another year.  I have really enjoyed the month but I am quite looking forward to not having to find a stranger to photograph on Tuesday.

My photos from today are all taken at Fright Night, Sheffield’s annual Halloween party.  40,000 people attend and many dress up. I had hoped that I would be able to take lots of stranger photos but as most people who dressed up were part of bigger groups, almost everyone I asked wanted to be part of a group photo.  So I found it difficult to take photos of my stranger on their own.

This is best of the photos I took of a stranger on their own so is my entry for today.  Ideally he wouldn’t be smiling and would have been more scary looking like I wanted but I like the bokeh lights in the background.


This group of girls is a case in point – I asked if I could take their photos individually and they instead wanted to have a group photo instead.  So I obliged..

Fright Night-1.jpgFright Night-2.jpg

But I did manage to get one of them on their own.

Fright Night-3.jpg

Then two of them posed – scary!

Fright Night-4.jpg

Here is another stranger that I managed to persuade to be taken on their own.

Fright Night-5.jpg

And finally these two ladies posed.

Fright Night-6.jpg

Tomorrow I’ll be heading over to the Union again for my last day.   So tune in tomorrow to see who I get to photograph…

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