Sunday 30 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 29

Like on previous Saturdays when I had the day free (for example Day 1 and Day 22) I spent yesterday afternoon taking as many portraits of strangers as I could.  In the end I didn’t quite take as many as those previous Saturdays but I still managed to take portraits of 14 strangers.  And only 2 of the 16 people I did ask said no so I got an excellent ratio.

There were lots of great characters and photogenic people amongst the 14 but I think that the first photo of a very sweet older gentleman I shot in the Winter Gardens just about topped them all.  So this will be my entry for Day 29 to the October 2011: a month in 31 pictures group on flickr.

The rest of the photos are below and no doubt someone will think that one of these is a stronger photo than the one I’ve chosen!

First up is a lovely older woman that I met as I was walking from the bus station up to the Winter Gardens.  She said yes, had big beautiful eyes and I almost gave up there and then as I thought I had my shot of the day right there and then.  But as you will see later, I did capture even better strangers.

Next up was a sweet old woman in the Winter Gardens.  She was surprised, as many of my subjects are, that I chose her.  But I knew she would make a good subject and she did.

My next subject reminded me a lot of the late Frank Muir and I just had to take his portrait.  Thankfully he agreed, although he did joke about asking his agent first!

My next subject was taken on Fargate, the main shopping street in Sheffield.  He walked past me and I knew he would make a fantastic subject.  And I was right.

My next subject, also on Fargate, was almost as great a subject as the previous gentleman.  I especially love the fact that his tongue was sticking out!

I spotted this guy who looked a bit like Richard Stilgoe.  He was walking up the street using a couple of walking sticks.  I asked him and he originally said no because, unbeknownst to me, he was struggling to keep up with his wife. But a couple of minutes later he came back to me saying that his wife said he should go back to me and agree.  So I was thrilled that I did get a chance of photographing him.

My next subject, also wearing a flat cap, spotted me taking the older gentleman’s photo and instead of me asking him, he asked me to take his photo.  So I did!

I spotted my next subject outside John Lewis, a striking looking older lady.

Also outside of John Lewis was a team of people raising money for Pakistan.  I spotted this striking young lady and after a small donation she was more than happy for me to take her portrait.

Another lad then spotted my camera and asked to take his photo, so as with the last one, I did!

I then headed back over to the train station as I was meeting a mate there for a beer. Passing through the Hallam campus I spotted this young lady with purple hair.  Unfortunately there was a lot of wind so her hair kept blowing in front of her face so this portrait didn’t work out as well as it could have. 

I headed to the bus station to check the bus times home and spotted this man outside the station with a great ‘tache!

The final subject I spotted in the Train Station.  A few years ago I took some photos in the train station and was asked to stop by a security guard and the manager – I was a possible terrorist you understand – so I was in two minds whether I should get my camera out and shoot this guy.  But I decided to do it and after an initial amount of shock that I had asked him, he said yes and this was the result:

This evening it is Fright Night in Sheffield, which is where 30-40,000 people descend into the city centre dressed up in Halloween costumes.  I went there 2 years ago and it was great, if very crowded.  It is about the only time when everyone I ask will automatically say yes.  The only problem is that I have my son with me today and he hates Fright Night.  So I may not be able to take as many photos as I want.  Anyway, tune in here tomorrow to find out how many photos I dlo actually take.

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  1. Its a great idea of a blog this! Its so fresh to see not only the young and the beautiful but all sorts of people. I notice that you are fixated with big eyes, do you think they photograph well or is it just a preference of yours? / Frida