Monday 31 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 31

So the last day of my October challenge is here.  It has been an amazing month.  I have met some amazing people both in real life – the strangers I met who kindly agreed to me photographing them – and on flickr, the 100 or so people who were all also taking and posting a photo a day in October..

I am amazed to count up that, including the two portraits below, I have published the portraits of 88 different strangers this month.  I have also taken photos of 23 other people this month that I haven’t yet published.  So that means I have taken photos of a grand total of 111 strangers!  That is some achievement I think, especially as in 2009, when I last did something like this, I only photographed 66 strangers. 

There is a group on flickr called the 100 Strangers group.  The idea behind the group is to approach 100 strangers and take a portrait of them.  I am pretty proud that I passed the 100 mark in one month only when I think it takes most people much longer than that.

So, on to the photos from today.  It was a real struggle to find someone suitable – I was at my usual location and no one leap out at me as a great stranger subject.  I wandered about for about 15 minutes which is the longest I’ve ever been in the Union without finding someone.  Then typically I found two people very quickly.  The first was a very attractive student who had large, beautiful eyes.

The second one I spotted entering the Union Shop.  She was dressed up for Halloween and was with some friends who were also dressed up.  But she was the star of the bunch, dressed as a very gothic witch.  I headed to the exit of the shop and waited for her to walk out.  I asked her and she said yes but she couldn’t keep a straight face at first.  I liked the half smile so I’ve chosen this one rather than one of the photos I took where she had a straight face.  Although I think the first photo is technically a better photo I am going to choose the witch as my photo of the day for no other reason than it was Halloween today.

So Happy Halloween!  Hope you all have had a good one.

Look out on here for the photos of the 23 other people not already published.  If I have time they may make an appearance later tonight. 

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