Sunday 24 July 2011

Tramlines–Sunday Part 2!

Here is the final blog for today, which contains the photos from the last 3 bands of the Main Stage - Johnny Foreigner, The Futureheads and Ash.

First up are Johnny Foreigner.  I’d never heard of them but apparently they are big on My Space and they drew a pretty big crowd who seemed to know all words. But as most of those singing were at least half my age that was probably why I hadn’t heard of them!  They were pretty good I thought – sort of pop-punk with a bit of attitude.  Not that I was that excited but the lead singer of Johnny Foreigner – the one with the hair – stood next to me for Ash after I had finished in the press pit.

Simon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-2.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-3.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-4.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-5.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-6.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-7.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-8.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-9.jpgSimon Butler - Johnny Foreigner - Main Stage - Sunday-10.jpg

Next up were the Futureheads.  They were good and had a good stage presence but it was a bit obvious that they only had two songs.  Both of those songs are excellent but the rest were a bit average really. Having said that those hounds of love were calling (whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh)…

The sun was a problem with these photos as it was shining straight across the stage and providing a very harsh light.  But I coped.  

Simon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-2.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-3.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-4.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-5.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-6.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-7.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-8.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-9.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-10.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-11.jpgSimon Butler - Futureheads - Main Stage - Sunday-12.jpg

The headliners were Ash, old faves of mine.  I saw them live in 1995 and 1996 back when I was bright young thing and I was interested to see if they had aged as well as I had.  Judge for your self below!

Simon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-2.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-3.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-4.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-5.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-6.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-7.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-8.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-9.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-10.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-11.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-12.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-13.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-14.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-15.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-16.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-17.jpgSimon Butler - Ash - Main Stage - Sunday-18.jpg

So that is it.  The end of Tramlines 2011.  It has been a simply amazing experience.  Thank you so much to Paul, the Tramlines Director of Photography for giving me the opportunity to be involved – I’ve loved every single second of it.  Roll on Tramlines 2012!

But just because it is all over, doesn’t mean that I won’t still be blogging about Tramlines.  I took lots of photos today with a view to making a panorama of Devonshire Green and the Main Stage.  Still need to process them so I will blog about that next week.

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