Monday 25 July 2011

Tramlines 2011–Interactive Panorama

After the highs of the weekend it is back to normal life today – no Tramlines and no queue jumping pass either.  But as promised yesterday this is not my last Tramlines post, oh no!

Yesterday while Johnny Foreigner were playing the Main Stage at Tramlines I headed up to the back of Devonshire Green and made this 360 interactive panorama.  I think it looks pretty cool (especially if you ignore the join at the back!). 

If this works you should see the panorama in the box below (it may say “click here to download attachment”; if it does just click the link and then it should work). Navigate around by clicking and dragging your left mouse button.  Use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out – try to spot yourself!  By the way, apologies that is flash only so won’t work for iPhone/Pad – sorry.

You can also see this in all it’s full screen glory by clicking here (you might have to do the “click here to download attachment” business here too):

Full Screen 360 Interactive Panorama – Devonshire Green, Tramlines 2011

This is the more boring, static version of the panorama if you can’t get the flash to work (click on the image to see it *large*):

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