Saturday 6 August 2011

Grenochase 2011

Last night was the annual Grenochase in Grenoside, a race around the village.  And this year there seemed to be more runners than ever before and more people out watching than previous years.  It also seemed like more of an “event” than before as well.  There was a band performing on Main Street, The Angel had a hog roast in its beer garden, there was a burger van in the community centre car park and the whole village was buzzing – it was great!

The course is pretty challenging – it involves a very steep hill climb – and I was full of admiration for everyone who entered.  There is no way I would be able to finish it!

Anyway, here are my photos from the event:

 Grenochase 2011-1.jpg

Ernie Biney in the Celtic top, J. Whitaker in the white top, W. Duggan in the red, Revd Martin Kilner on the far rightGrenochase 2011-2.jpgGrenochase 2011-3.jpg

R. Oldale

Grenochase 2011-4.jpg

Jon O’Keefe (l), M. Gregory, Joe Walker, Joseph Marshall

Grenochase 2011-5.jpg

Joe Walker

Grenochase 2011-6.jpg

M. Gregory

Grenochase 2011-7.jpg

Louis Penty, B. Oldale, J. Mirfin, Sam Rollitt

Grenochase 2011-8.jpg

E. Watson, J. Beatson, Jenny Morton (57F and one of my friends from my day job)

Grenochase 2011-9.jpg

Jenny enjoying the start

Grenochase 2011-10.jpg

Grenochase 2011-11.jpg

P. Harris

Grenochase 2011-12.jpg

Grenochase 2011-13.jpg

The local vicar Revd Martin Kilner

Grenochase 2011-14.jpgGrenochase 2011-15.jpg

Sam Rollitt

Grenochase 2011-16.jpg

M. Gregory

Grenochase 2011-17.jpg

J. Hallam

Grenochase 2011-18.jpgGrenochase 2011-19.jpgGrenochase 2011-20.jpg

Ernie Biney

Grenochase 2011-21.jpgGrenochase 2011-22.jpg

S. Riley

Grenochase 2011-23.jpg

Joseph Marshall

Grenochase 2011-24.jpgGrenochase 2011-25.jpg

T. Peaker

Grenochase 2011-26.jpgGrenochase 2011-27.jpgGrenochase 2011-28.jpgGrenochase 2011-29.jpg

B. Cooper

Grenochase 2011-30.jpg

D. Robinson

Grenochase 2011-31.jpgGrenochase 2011-32.jpgGrenochase 2011-33.jpg

Robert Godley

Grenochase 2011-34.jpg

The winner of the race

Grenochase 2011-35.jpg

Jon O’Keefe, powering home

Grenochase 2011-36.jpg

The winner and friends

Grenochase 2011-37.jpgGrenochase 2011-38.jpgGrenochase 2011-39.jpg

Sam Rollitt

Grenochase 2011-40.jpgGrenochase 2011-41.jpg

J. Beatson

Grenochase 2011-42.jpgGrenochase 2011-43.jpg

M. Gregory

Grenochase 2011-44.jpg

S. Duckworth

Grenochase 2011-45.jpg

J. Whitaker

Grenochase 2011-46.jpg

J. Hallam

Grenochase 2011-47.jpg

T. Cox (left) finishing fast

Grenochase 2011-48.jpg

M. Burgin

Grenochase 2011-49.jpg

Ernie Biney finishing

Grenochase 2011-50.jpg

The Rev finishing

Grenochase 2011-51.jpgGrenochase 2011-52.jpg

W. Duggan

Grenochase 2011-53.jpg

Joseph Marshall

Grenochase 2011-54.jpg

L. Schofield

Grenochase 2011-55.jpg

S. Riley

Grenochase 2011-56.jpgGrenochase 2011-57.jpgGrenochase 2011-58.jpg

C. Hallam

Grenochase 2011-59.jpg

B. Cooper

Grenochase 2011-60.jpgGrenochase 2011-61.jpg

T. Peaker

Grenochase 2011-62.jpg

Jen, finishing fast

Grenochase 2011-63.jpgGrenochase 2011-64.jpgGrenochase 2011-65.jpgGrenochase 2011-66.jpg

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