Sunday 24 July 2011

Tramlines–Saturday Part 3!

So now on to the late night activities of Tramlines Saturday - the local yoof having it large with DJ Stoaty at the Octagon followed by Miss Dynamite-tee-hee!

After the gig at the Cathedral I headed to the University to download my photos.  I had planned to meet up with some friends afterwards but unfortunately they had gone home.  I didn’t want to go home so as I was in the area I decided to head to the Octagon.  There was a massive queue to get in but I took great pleasure in using my pass to jump it – I will miss being able to do this on Monday!

First up was DJ Stoaty, from the Students Union Tuesday Club.  It turned out that DJ Stoaty were two people one of which looked the spitting image of my friend Liam!  I tried taking photos of the guys DJing but as you can see there are only so many ways you can represent two guys standing behind some decks.  The local yoof were having it large and I got asked to take photos of almost everyone in the front row and these were much more interesting photos I thought!

Simon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-2.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-3.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-4.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-5.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-6.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-7.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-8.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-9.jpgSimon Butler - DJ Stoaty - Octagon - Saturday-10.jpg

The music that DJ Stoaty played was the kind of music you would expect to hear coming out of a modded Vauxhall Corsa at full volume.  It was entertaining for 10 minutes but as Miss Dynamite-tee-hee was late coming on I had to put up with it for over 1 hour. But finally she did make her entrance and the yoof went wild.

Simon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-2.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-3.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-4.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-5.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-6.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-7.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-8.jpgSimon Butler - Miss Dynamite - Octagon - Saturday-9.jpg

After Miss Dynamite was some DJ from Radio 1 called Toddla T (no, me neither) but I’d had enough of having it large so went home after 3 of Miss Dynamite’s “songs”.

I am really looking forward to today – I’m planning to spend all day at the Main Stage and am especially looking forward to The Futureheads and Ash!

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