Saturday 7 January 2012

Photowalk with Dave and Rich

Photowalk with Dave and Rich-2.jpgYesterday lunchtime I went on a photowalk with my mates Dave and Rich.  Well, when I say photowalk, it was more photo than walk as we didn’t walk far.  We started at the Henderson’s Relish building then went to the Bioincubator and Jessops West buildings at the university. So our walk was all of about 100 yards.  But it was good fun though.

We had intended to meet up with The PP Girls again as they were planning a photowalk in Sheffield yesterday but they did the 5 Weirs Walk. As Dave, Rich and I have day jobs and only had our lunch hours to fit in some photography we couldn’t meet up.  There is talk of a weekend meet so hopefully we’ll all get together then.

Dave and I arrived at the Hendos building a little early so we both took some photos of this iconic building.  Dave’s photo can be seen here but mine was a bit rubbish, and a lot worse than my old photo of the building, so I won’t be posting it here.

Once Rich arrived we headed over to the Bioincubator and the cafe area on the top floor.  The view from there over Sheffield is pretty good but I’d never photographed it before so I was looking forward to giving it a try.  However when we reached the cafe we noticed that one of the windows had been shattered. So all thoughts of the view were forgotten about as we all became fascinated by the patterns of the broken window…

Photowalk with Dave and Rich-3.jpg

The view was pretty good and I captured it using my fisheye attachment.

Photowalk with Dave and Rich-4.jpg

I also made a 27 photo stitch of the view too:

The view from the top floor

We then headed outside and I took some photos of Jessops West.  I do like a good abstract image…

Photowalk with Dave and Rich-5.jpg
Photowalk with Dave and Rich-6.jpgPhotowalk with Dave and Rich-7.jpg

Then all too soon our lunch hour was over and we all had to head back to work.  Looking forward to a weekend meet up soon where we can spend a lot longer on the photography (and also do a bit more walking too!).

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