Tuesday 8 November 2011

Photowalk with the PP Girls

One of the best things about my October Challenge was the people I met who were also doing the challenge.  A whole bunch of people doing the challenge with me had done a Practical Photography course together and I got to know quite a few of them.  One of them, Helen, also happened to live in Sheffield and today she had a mini get together with two other PP-ers, Karen and Jan.  Karen and Jan came up to Sheffield and I met up with them during my lunch hour.

The plan was for me to take them around the university campus showing them the countless photogenic buildings.  Unfortunately the weather let us down delivering us lots of dank, drizzly greyness.  So instead I had to put plan B into action and we headed into Firth Court to take some photos of the historic details within. 

It was great fun to shoot in their as even though I know the building really well I spotted lots of things I’d never noticed before.  Plus the 3 ladies were lovely company too.

Photowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-1.jpg

Helen, framing, and then reviewing, another winning photo:

Photowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-2.jpgPhotowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-3.jpg

I enjoyed taking photos of an old spiral staircase using my fisheye adapter:

Photowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-4.jpg

This also seemed like an excellent time to take a group photo (this photo is best viewed large here so you can make us all out)

Photowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-5.jpg

Jan was then kind enough to pose for me going down some more stairs.

Photowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-6.jpg

Posing for me was lovely but then she did something even lovelier, she allowed me to try out her Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens. This is probably my dream lens and I’d never tried one out before.  Probably because it costs well north of a grand.  And I loved it.  I really, really want one now.  Hint, hint Father Christmas……

This photo of Jan was taken at f/1.2.  The background bokeh is lovely (almost as lovely as the subject of course).

Photowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-7.jpg

This photo of the lovely Karen was also taken at f/1.2.


And this final photo was also taken at f/1.2, this time of the lovely Helen.  I was pleased to note in all three photos that the depth field wasn’t as wafer thin as I was expecting.  The lens did seem to front focus slightly but that could easily be corrected by my 50D’s on board microfocus adjustment.  I really, really didn’t want to remove the lens from my camera….

Photowalk with Helen Karen and Jan-8.jpg

Unfortunately I then had to go back to my day job and also give back the f/1.2 lens.  I left the 3 ladies to head back into town. Hopefully this can be the first of many walks as I had a great time. And hopefully next time can be a bit longer too!

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