Saturday 19 November 2011

Candids and sunsets

Today I had planned to go on a photowalk with my friend Ian but unfortunately at the last minute he couldn’t make it.  So undeterred I decided to do one on my own.

I wanted to take some stranger photos, but unlike in October, I didn’t want to ask them.  Instead I took some candid photos of strangers using my 70-200 at 200mm.

I started off in the Peace Gardens and found plenty of suitable subjects, none of whom realised that I was photographing them…

Candid stranger-1.jpgCandid stranger-2.jpgCandid stranger-3.jpg

Next I headed into the Winter Gardens and spotted this striking red head – I liked how her hair colour contrasted with her coat and the green plants.

Candid stranger-4.jpg

This man was licking his lips!

Candid stranger-5.jpg

Next I headed over to Fargate.  By now the light was lovely and gave everyone a beautiful glow.  I spotted these two women chatting and waited for the one at the back to turn my way.  As soon as she turned towards me I pressed the shutter.

Candid stranger-6.jpg

I needed to buy a birthday card so I went in to John Lewis.  When I came out I spotted this distinguished old man.  He made a fantastic last subject.

Candid stranger-7.jpgCandid stranger-8.jpg

Last month when I went on a photowalk with Rich we ended up at Park Hill Flats to take some photos of the sunset.  I wasn’t overly pleased with my sunset shots then so I decided to go back and try again. Unfortunately I by the time I got to the top of the hill the sun had almost fully set so I had to make do with the colour after the sun had set.

I made my usual panorama.  This is best viewed large so click the image below to see it LARGE

pano 2000

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