Saturday 10 December 2011

Karate Christmas Do

On Thursday night I went to the Elite Karate Centres Christmas Do and of course I took my camera with me!  We started off at the Devonshire Cat for a quick drink and then went to Sushi Express, a new Japanese restaurant that I hadn’t been to before.

The food at Sushi Express was delicious and also very authentic – it looked an tasted identical the kind of food I ate when I was in Tokyo.  We had all pre-ordered our food and the waitresses not only brought all of the food we had ordered they also brought us some complimentary stuff too.  So I certainly didn’t go hungry!

The lighting at the restaurant was lovely too and it made it easy for me to take some nice candid and posed portraits of the people there (plus take some great food porn shots too).

karate Xmas do 2011-1.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-2.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-3.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-4.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-5.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-6.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-7.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-8.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-9.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-10.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-11.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-12.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-13.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-14.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-15.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-16.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-17.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-18.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-19.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-20.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-21.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-22.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-23.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-24.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-25.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-26.jpgkarate Xmas do 2011-27.jpg

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