Friday, 21 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 21

Day 21 and my first low light portrait of the month.  And not only that, my first portrait using flash. I had a busy day today and no opportunity to take a stranger photo until early evening.  So I headed into to town and was pleased to see a funfair was there – plenty of opportunity for some good bokeh backgrounds I thought. 

Almost straightaway this very striking young lady walked towards me. Turns out she is a keen photographer herself so she was only too happy to pose.  I think I might have used too high a setting on the flash but I quite like the blown out look. And her eyes soaked up that flash beautifully!

What I don’t like are the shadows under her chin and nose but I guess this is a consequence of the flashgun being on camera.  Unfortunately I am not as talented with flash as my fellow One-a-day-in-October chums Oliver DeClap and ksten who make fantastic photos of their subjects with no distracting shadows at all.

Anyway, despite the shadow issue, I am pleased with my photo for Day 21, especially with the colourful lights in the background and her beautiful blue eyes:

Tomorrow should be a good day – I am heading out for a photowalk with another of my One-a-day-in-October chums Richard France, weather permitting.  Looking forward to a good few hours of photonerdiness!  And plenty of opportunities for stranger photos.  I will attempt to take as many stranger portraits as I can but I don’t think I will manage to top, or even get close, to the 22 I took back on my photowalk with David Colman on Day 1.

Look out for the results of the photowalk on here tomorrow.


  1. love what the back ground has done .This is a great portrait