Thursday 20 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 20

I’m busy, busy, busy today so I was under pressure to find a suitable subject quickly.  I headed over to the Union and found the perfect subject – she was lit perfectly, had amazingly large eyes and would have an uncluttered background behind her.  Unfortunately she said no. 

I then hunted round a bit more and couldn’t find anyone suitable.  I asked a young lady doing a questionnaire for the Union and she said yes.  But she wasn’t a perfect subject but at least I had one in the bag.

I almost gave up but I decided to head to Coffee Revolution which is somewhere I’d not been too this month so far and then I spotted him (and yes, it is a him again today!).  He had funky hair, big blue eyes and he was sitting in the perfect spot so that his eyes reflected the light from the huge window.  He looked a little bit like Kurt Cobain (and I’m sure this was intentional on his part).  But he was in the middle of his lunch, using his phone and talking to his mate so usually I wouldn’t ask someone like that as they are more likely to say no. 

Thankfully though, he said yes, and so here I give you my stranger photo for Day 20:

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