Sunday 26 June 2011

New website design

New website design 1For some time I had been conscious that my website was starting to look a bit tired and even a bit dated.  My main site is hosted with Smugmug which is a great photo site with an almost unlimited level of customisation possible.  But this is only possible if you understand HTML and CSS which I only have a limited grasp of.  Thankfully there are lots of tutorials and code you can copy on the Digital Grin forum and back in 2009 when I created my last design I made copious use of the forum.

I recently noticed that a new fullscreen slideshow had been developed by Fastline Media that could make my homepage look really cool and also show off my photos to their best.  And the best thing about it was that it was free!  So I decided to install it and also refresh the rest of my site at the same time, including my blog.

And it is now live.  And looks pretty good I reckon, especially the homepage and my blog now looks much cleaner too.  They both look much better if you view them fullscreen (press F11!).

New website design 2

For those of you who view this blog once it has been automatically copied to facebook here is what my blog looks like:

Simon Butler Photography Blog

Although my site now looks 100% better there are still a few niggles that I need to sort out (the facebook icon box at the bottom of the homepage should be centred and not to the left for instance).  But I hope you will agree it looks pretty cool.

New website design 3

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