Sunday 12 June 2011

Photo used in a company annual report

Last year, a company called Generator contacted me asking for permission to use one of my photos in their annual report. 

The company are a music development agency based in Newcastle.  They had recently opened started working in Yorkshire and they wanted to put in to their annual report a photo that summed this up.  And they thought that a photo I took a few years ago of Sheaf Square outside the train station in Sheffield worked best for them.  Here is the photo:

red light

We came to a mutually beneficial agreement and I agreed to the photo being included in the report.  One of the terms of the agreement was that Generator had to send me a copy of their report.  Unfortunately they didn’t do this and I also forgot to chase them up about it.  Tonight while sorting through some documents I came across my email correspondence with the company and it prompted me to see if I could find the report.  And after some Googling I did.

And as you can see my photo made it into the report and pretty smart it looks too.  You can see some screen grabs of the report below or you can view the report here if you want (my photo is on page 23).

Generator - 2Generator-1

If any other companies would like to give your reports a professional look simply contact me and I’ll be happy to supply you with a suitable image.

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