Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The big freeze, December 2010 stylee!

Snow Nov 2010 Panorama.jpg

Last winter was awfully cold.  The coldest since the 1960s apparently.  It seemed to snow for about 3 months non-stop.  So surely this winter won’t be as harsh I hear you say?  Well, yes it can (and don’t call Shirely!)

As with previous years when it’s snowed heavily (Feb 2009 and Dec 2009) I made a panorama view from my attic.  You can see the result above or large here: large panorama

I took the panorama at 8AM this morning and the snowfall was pretty deep.  It has snowed most of the rest of the day and it’s much deeper now.  I have been snowed in most of the day and I think I will be again tomorrow!

I did however nip out at lunchtime and took a few shots of Grenoside in the snow.  It was very eerie – there was no traffic noise and hardly anyone braving the snow on foot so it was very quiet.  Here are the photos:

My road:

Snow Nov 2010-2.jpg

Main Street:

Snow Nov 2010-4.jpg

Sign outside my local (looks very tempting!):

Snow Nov 2010-3.jpg

Taking advantage of a snow day!

Snow Nov 2010-5.jpg

My local:

Snow Nov 2010-6.jpg

My sky box has stopped working and no satellite signal is being received by the box. I suspected it was because the dish is full of snow and this was pretty much correct.  What I didn’t expect was the icicles!

Snow Nov 2010.jpg

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