Sunday 21 November 2010

A Heroes Ball – Heroically Good!

Last night I did something I hadn’t done since graduating from University 16 long years ago – I went to a ball.  And I literally had a ball – it was great.  The ball was called “A Heroes Ball” and was organised by my lovely day job colleague and friend Shelagh.  And she did an amazing job as the ball was simply wonderful.  It was held in the ballroom of the City Hall in Sheffield and they put on a fantastic event with Shelagh.  Unusually for such a large event – there were over 300 people there – the food was fabulous and so was the venue.  Special mention much go to Paul Pashley whose band provided the live entertainment – he was superb and a real old school crooner.

The ball was held to raise money for Help for Heroes and the C Group and thousands of pounds were raised on the night.  Shelagh’s son Harry has just returned from a 6 month tour of Afghanistan so these very worthy causes are close to her heart.

As you would expect I took along my camera to capture the night.  First off though, while waiting for the taxi to arrive and pick me up, I took a quick self portrait.  This is who I thought (or at least hoped) I looked like:


This is actually what I did look like.  You can be the judge if I pulled it off or not (although my £49.50 suit from M&S certainly helped I think!):

My name is Bond, James Bond.jpg

So onto the main event, photos from the ball.  I was seated with lots of my friends from my day job and it was lovely to meet their partners.  So I took loads of photos of them, as you would expect.  Everyone looked amazing and I noticed that I wasn’t the only bloke who had made use of M&S’s value suit (mentioning no names, cough, Patrick and Rich!). 

A Heroes Ball.jpg

A Heroes Ball-2.jpg

A Heroes Ball-3.jpg

A Heroes Ball-4.jpg

A Heroes Ball-5.jpg

A Heroes Ball-6.jpg

A Heroes Ball-7.jpg

A Heroes Ball-8.jpg

A Heroes Ball-9.jpg

A Heroes Ball-10.jpg

A Heroes Ball-11.jpg

A Heroes Ball-12.jpg

A Heroes Ball-13.jpg

A Heroes Ball-14.jpg

A Heroes Ball-15.jpg

A Heroes Ball-16.jpg

A Heroes Ball-17.jpg

A Heroes Ball-18.jpg

A Heroes Ball-19.jpg

A Heroes Ball-20.jpg

A Heroes Ball-21.jpg

A Heroes Ball-22.jpg

A Heroes Ball-23.jpg

A Heroes Ball-24.jpg

A Heroes Ball-25.jpg

A Heroes Ball-26.jpg

A Heroes Ball-27.jpg

A Heroes Ball-28.jpg

A Heroes Ball-29.jpg

A Heroes Ball-30.jpg

A Heroes Ball-31.jpg

A Heroes Ball-32.jpg

A Heroes Ball-33.jpg

A Heroes Ball-34.jpg

A Heroes Ball-35.jpg

A Heroes Ball-36.jpg

A Heroes Ball-37.jpg

A Heroes Ball-38.jpg

A Heroes Ball-39.jpg

A Heroes Ball-40.jpg

A Heroes Ball-41.jpg

A Heroes Ball-42.jpg

A Heroes Ball-43.jpg

A Heroes Ball-44.jpg

A Heroes Ball-45.jpg

A Heroes Ball-46.jpg

A Heroes Ball-47.jpg

A Heroes Ball-48.jpg

A Heroes Ball-49.jpg

A Heroes Ball-50.jpg

A Heroes Ball-51.jpg

A Heroes Ball-52.jpg

A Heroes Ball-53.jpg

A Heroes Ball-54.jpg

A Heroes Ball-55.jpg

A Heroes Ball-56.jpg

A Heroes Ball-57.jpg

A Heroes Ball-58.jpg

A Heroes Ball-59.jpg

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