Wednesday 13 October 2010

London Street Candid Photographs

Long time readers of my blog will recall that in October 2009 I undertook a month long art project to take, and publish, at least one photo a day of a stranger.  In each case I first asked the person if they minded if I took their photo.  And, much to my surprise, 80% said yes.  Well this year I decided not to take a photo a day – too much like hard work! – but instead on Monday I tried taking photos of strangers without them realising.  This a form of photography known as Street Candid Photography and something I haven’t done much of so I fancied giving it a try.

One other reason to give this a try is that I wanted to enter the AVForums monthly photo competition.  The theme this month is “Shoot a Stranger” (that is “Shoot” as in “take a photo of”, not gun down in cold blood”).  So taking a few street candids seemed a perfect way to get a suitable entry.

As I was in London on Monday I headed over to one of the bridges near Big Ben and snapped the busy commuters on their way home.  As I was using my Sigma 70-200 f.2.8 lens I was actually standing quite far away from each person I snapped.  And I am really pleased with the results:

Street Candid-2

Street Candid-3

Street Candid-4

Street Candid-5

Street Candid-6

Street Candid-7

Street Candid-8

Street Candid

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