Sunday 10 October 2010

Ian & Alison – Sheffield Pre-wedding Photography Shoot

Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-14

I met up with the lovely Ian and Alison this afternoon for their pre-wedding shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield.  We were blessed with *the* most perfect weather – bright blue skies and even brighter sunshine.  I had arranged for the shoot to start at 4PM as I had hoped for some lovely late afternoon sun and that is exactly what we got – all that non-rain dancing last week really paid off!

Ian and I used to be work colleagues but today was the first time I had met Alison.  And she was lovely – Ian has definitely found his perfect girl there!  They make such a lovely couple too and were a delight to photograph.

They brought along some “props” with them because Alie was worried that she wouldn’t look good in front of the camera without using them – she needn’t of worried, she was a natural with such a beautiful smile.  As was Ian I might add (a natural that is, not so sure about his smile!). 

We still made use of the props though of which I thought the plastic moustaches were a work of genius!  I am also going to nick their idea of chalk boards for future pre-wedding shoots; such a cute idea.

All of this has made me look forward to covering their wedding in August next year even more.  Can’t wait to photograph whatever they have planned!

Anyway, here are the photos.  See if you can spot the moustaches; they were certainly subtle!

Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000pxWedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-2Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-3Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-4Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-5Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-7Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-8Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-9Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-10Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-11Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-12Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-13Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-15Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-16Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-17Wedding pre-shoot best of 1000px-18

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