Friday 11 June 2010

Mallorcan Panoramas

As promised, here are the panoramas that I took while in Mallorca. 

First up are a couple from Formentor.  The first one was taken on the Tuesday and shows the beach, a restaurant and the harbour.

Formentor Beach

This is best viewed large here

The second one was taken on Thursday during our evening on the beach.  As you can see the beach was deserted except for me and him…

Formentor Beach at dusk

Again this best viewed large here.

The next panorama is from our scuba diving trip on the Saturday.  Hopefully this shows off just how lovely the cove that we were taken to was:

Diving Panorama

View it large to see all the detail here.

The final panorama was taken during sunrise on our final morning there on Monday.  Typically, after we had got up at 6AM especially to see a lovely sunrise, there was a load of cloud obscuring the sun and ruining the sunrise.  However, with no lovely colours being generated naturally I cheated and used my Cokin Sunset filter to add a golden glow.

Puerto Pollensa Sunrise

View this one large here.

So that concludes all of my photos from Mallorca.  I can’t wait to go again just so I can take some more photos!

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