Saturday 20 February 2010


It was our last night in Tokyo so it had to be karaoke night!  I dragged along most of the UK delegation to the same karaoke place I went to last year.  I was the only one who had experienced karaoke Tokyo-style before so was the only one who knew just how much fun it could be.  But needless to say it didn’t take long for everyone else to get in the swing of it.  And our initial 90 minute booking turned into a 2.5 hour session with much biiru!

We played a varied and eclectic set list which included classics such as Gold, Fight for your right, Don’t leave me this way, Suspicious Minds, Ring of Fire and to finish off on a high, Holding out for Hero!

Bryony and Sean share a tender moment:

karaoke (6 of 14)


karaoke (5 of 14)

Harry giving it large (with Sue joining in in the background):

karaoke (4 of 14)

karaoke (2 of 14)

Sue and Darren trying to get the control system to work:

karaoke (3 of 14) 

This was a pretty impressive achievement when you see just how complicated the display was with no “English” button!

karaoke (12 of 14)

Darren and Phil trying to work the controller:

karaoke (11 of 14)

Jana and Bryony in some duet action….

karaoke (10 of 14)

karaoke (9 of 14)

Phil, belting out another hard rock classic.

karaoke (8 of 14)

Harry with some tambourine shaking and some impressive balancing:

karaoke (7 of 14)

karaoke (13 of 14)

The highlight of the night of course was my Bonnie Tyler impression…along with Bryony’s too!

karaoke (14 of 14)

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