Monday 14 September 2009

Clair & Paul - a fabulous wedding!

Clair & Paul (130 of 158), originally uploaded by electrolyte2006.
So I shot my 2nd wedding on Saturday. And what a great wedding it was too. Clair is an old friend of mine and it was lovely to see her again after an oh too long hiatus of 9 years since we last saw each other. Her groom - and now husband of course - Paul is a smashing bloke and it was a pleasure to be with them to celebrate their happy day.

The wedding took place at the Hotel Felix, a very swanky hotel on the outskirts of Cambridge. It made for a stunning location. And the weather gods were definitely smiling because it was a glorious day. It was just as well it was because the wedding took place outside - always a gamble in September in the UK - and this helped to add to the magic of the day.

So, on to some photos. First things first, I wasn't allowed to take photos during the ceremony. Not a problem though, as it allowed me to concentrate on a more documentary style and shoot plenty of candids.

Paul before the wedding. He should look nervous but he is one of the most laid-back people I've ever met and he looks as cool as a cucumber:

Clair & Paul - best of (1 of 16)

Clair being escorted down the aisle by a very proud Dad:

Clair & Paul - best of (2 of 16)

The "I Do's" were certainly Champagne moments!

Clair & Paul - best of (3 of 16)

After the wedding Clair and Paul didn't stand together much so I only managed to get shots of them on their own or individually with friends. Shots of them as a couple came near the end of the day - literally - of which more later in the post. So in the meantime here is a one of Clair looking radiant and one of Paul likewise:

Clair & Paul - best of (4 of 16)

Clair & Paul - best of (5 of 16)

The confetti moment:

Clair & Paul - best of (6 of 16)

The Wedding Breakfast:

Clair & Paul - best of (7 of 16)

Each place setting contained a couple of party poppers, some chocolate and a small Champers bottle which was a bubble blower. Much fun was had by all blowing bubbles and popping the party poppers:

Clair & Paul - best of (8 of 16) Clair & Paul - best of (9 of 16)

Clair & Paul - best of (10 of 16)

Clair & Paul - best of (11 of 16)

There were also lots of children and babies at the wedding and this little girl became fascinated by my camera. I couldn't resist taking a wide open, dreamy looking shot:

Clair & Paul - best of (12 of 16)

As I mentioned earlier, I was a little bit disappointed not to be able to shoot some photos of the happy couple together. After the Wedding Breakfast an ideal opportunity presented itself - high up on a balcony on the top floor of the hotel overlooking the garden was the aforementioned couple. I quickly changed lens to my Sigma 70-300 zoom and snapped some shots. The lighting was lovely at this point, the sun was setting giving C&P a lovely golden glow:

Clair & Paul - best of (13 of 16)

Clair & Paul (130 of 158)

Clair & Paul - best of (14 of 16)

Next up was the evening do. High ISO, wide open was the order of the day so I switched to moody black and white. The first dance was to the rather lovely Something by The Beatles:

Clair & Paul - best of (15 of 16)

I'll showcase some more shots on here in the coming days but for now this is the last one - Clair enjoying herself at the evening do. If you can't wait and want to see all of my photos from the wedding you can do by visiting their wedding gallery here.

Clair & Paul - best of (16 of 16)

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