Sunday 17 May 2009

A ride in the woods

MTB Ride in Greno Wood

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I've been on a fitness drive these last few weeks. I was concious that I was very unfit and that I needed to do something about it. My Dad died of a heart-attack at the age of 56 and although my lifestyle is healthier than his - I don't smoke for instance - I don't want to go the same way. I'd like to live for a lot longer than 19 more years thank you very much.

So I've been going out on my bike 2-3 times a week into Greno Woods and although each ride has made me feel ill it is getting slightly better with each ride. Today was no exception. I felt terrible when I got home but I feel great now. Endorphins are a great thing!

And me, being me, I've been making use of my newest toy to help me with my rides. I have downloaded a great app called Trails for my iPhone which uses the built-in GPS of the phone to record my route as I ride. You can see the route I took this morning above as the app can download my route to Everytrail. It didn't work 100% perfectly because when I set off the GPS had me in the wrong location so ignore the 1st 1/3 of a mile as I didn't ride this bit. But it was excellent overall and this will allow me to record my best time and help me to push myself harder.

I can also look up other people's routes on Everytrail and copy them to my iPhone so it will allow me to work out other routes for when I get bored of my current one.

Hopefully I'll keep this up and I'll be an athletic god some time soon....

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  1. Sounds great and fitness is just around the corner. Nice one.

    I will think about some routes for you to map for me. I am planning a few days of riding next month. Wales and the Quantocks sometime in mid June.