Tuesday 28 April 2009

More from Newcastle

All of the bridges, originally uploaded by electrolyte2006.

Here is another Panorama shot from the Quayside in Newcastle. I took this one about 30 minutes before the one that I blogged about last night. This was the view that I wanted to capture with the later panorama but the light was fading too quickly and the Millennium Bridge (the big arc) was changing colour too quickly. Anyway, this one is a stitch of 14 horizontal images. I'm pretty pleased with it although it isn't perfect.

As with yesterday's shot, this is best viewed large here.

So I was pretty pleased with my photography exploits last night and went to bed about midnight. Imagine my horror then when I was rudely awoken by a fire alarm at 4AM in my hotel. Yes that is 4, yes four of the AM. Not PM, no that is AM. I rushed out of bed, dragged on some trousers, jacket and shoes and went downstairs to a muppet on reception telling us all it was a false alarm. Was now fully awake and spent the next 3 hours just lying there back in bed. Grrrr. I am like a zombie at the moment I am so tired.

I am now writing this back home in Sheffield at 6.36PM and am worried that I am so tired that I might fall asleep before the start of the football tonight. Should be a cracking game though so hopefully that will keep me awake!

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