Wednesday 29 April 2009

And some more still from Newcastle

Close up reflections, originally uploaded by electrolyte2006.

Here are my last shots from my trip to Newcastle. All are long exposures of the Quayside at dusk. I fell in love with the location - I think the architecture is stunning and the view even better when all the buildings and bridges are lit up.

The one above is a close up view of the Tyne bridge from the Millennium Bridge. Was harder to take as it looks - as were all the photos I took while standing on the bridge. This was because the bridge was very wobbly whenever anyone walked on to it - and especially so when joggers ran on. Wobbly bridge means wobbly camera on tripod so considering these were all 30 second exposures (ie the camera shutter was open for 30 seconds) any movement of the camera would mean very blurry photos. But thanks to the fact that Newcastle were playing at home there was hardly anyone about. So I was able to time my photos so the bridge would be empty.

This next photo was the only one I took where I wasn't on the Millennium Bridge. That was because I wanted to capture the view of the bridge itself. And here it is in all it's - pink - glory:

The purple arc

And the final one is a reprocess of the panorama I posted 2 days ago. I realised that it was a bit dark so I've lightened the shot and I think that it works better:

A lighter shade of Panorama

Again, this is best viewed large here.

So that is it for Newcastle. A successful trip all round.

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