Tuesday 27 May 2014

Sheffield Food Festival 2014

Yesterday I went to the fantastic Sheffield Food Festival with an empty stomach and my camera close at hand. I left having sampled some amazing food and drink, taken lots of photos and a large bag full of purchases.


The stalls ranged from lovely local produce through to produce and stall holders from around the world.  I especially loved the pop-up restaurants from which were a mixture of some famous Sheffield’s eateries that I had eaten in and some new ones that I hadn’t.  All of the stall holders were really friendly and were only too happy to provide samples to taste.  They were all only too happy to pose for photos as well.

The first stall I visited was Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese which had a range of delicious cheeses from, you’ve guessed it, Lincolnshire. The man on the stall claimed not to be photogenic but as you will see below he was anything but!

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Lily Pickles of Holmfirth also had a lovely range of produce and I was very taken with a jar of their Thai spiced chilli jam – yum, sold to the man with the camera!

Barra Organics, who are usually based in the Moor Market in Sheffield, were one of the many fruit and veg stalls. They had some amazing looking produce.

Roses the Bakers also had some lovely looking sourdough. I almost bought some but as I knew that my favourite Sheffield bakery – the Forge Bakehousealso had a stall I decided to wait before buying a loaf for my dinner.

Greenside Deli, a Sheffield family-run preserve company, also had some lovely looking produce on show.

I was very taken with the Chicken and Chorizo Pie at the Russian Cossack Cuisine, another trader from the Moor Market. Their honey cake was also delicious – I really must visit their stall in the market soon!

Hourlier Wines, a Derby based wine merchant specialising in French wines, had a great range of French wines on display. I bought a lovely bottle of Languedoc chardonnay from this nice Frenchman.

Cupcakes were also a common theme on a lot of stall like these brightly coloured examples and the gluten and vegan ones available from The Very Friendly Cupcake Company.  I bought a delicious chocolate and orange one – yum!


I bought some lovely raspberry vinegar and onion marmalade with Henderson’s Relish from Charlie’s Country Garden.  I loved the hand-painted labels on the front of the bottles but no back labels saying who the producer is makes it difficult for someone to buy the product again. Luckily I took a photo of the husband and wife team on the stall with their logo in the background so I know who they were but most people won’t have a photo to remind them.


The caramelised onion with Henderson’s (love the Hendos bottle on the label!) followed by photos of:

1. A stall selling lovely looking chicken tikka wraps

2. A sweet looking butcher

3. My favourite Sheffield bakery Forge Bakehouse from whom I bought an absolutely amazing olive and thyme ciabatta

4. Some more lovely veg from a fruit and veg stall

5. Some bread that I think was from the Seven Hills Bakery

6. Some curry spices



Savvy, a Sheffield based company, make a range of carob based spreads that my girlfriend raved about.

A final photo of yet another organic fruit and veg stall followed by the fantastic Twisted Burger Company who were one of the pop-up restaurants. They were new to me even though looking them up today shows me that they have been going since 2011 and are usually based at the Harley.  I have been in the Harley a few times at night to shoot gigs there but I didn’t know that they sold food during the day.  The burgers were amazing, I loved the music related puns for the names (“Piggie Smalls”!)and I will be taking advantage of their lunchtime deals – a burger and fries for only £5 – as my day job is just round the corner from the Harley. 

A couple of final photos from the last fruit and veg stall we visited where I bought some purple carrots.  I only recently found put that all carrots used to be purple so I am looking forward to trying an original version!

That ends my photos from the amazing Sheffield Food Festival 2014.  I will definitely be back next year and I recommend that you do too!

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