Tuesday 29 October 2013

Abby & Mark’s Nottingham Wedding

Abby & Mark Wedding-32.jpg

Wow. That is the only word for it. Well, OK, you could also use words like awesome, amazing and fantastic, but they wouldn’t sum up just how brilliant Abby & Mark’s wedding was.

Everything about the day was pretty much perfect:  the guests (all 227 of them!), the weather, the venues, the wedding car and coach, the best man and ushers, the bridesmaids (and bridesman!), the parents and grandparents and, of course, Abby and Mark themselves.

Special mention should go to the vicar at the church for being so accommodating  with my photography requests and also to Anje the best man and his ushers for being so helpful with the group photos.

Abby is from Greasely near Nottingham so the ceremony was held in her local church, the very beautiful St Mary’s, that looks out onto rolling countryside.  The wedding breakfast and reception were held at the more urban Westgate Suites in Long Eaton.  The venue had been transformed by Abby’s Dad and helpers at 2AM – 5AM that morning (!) into a magnificent 50s-style garden tea party.  Each table had a different novelty tea pot that Abby & Mark had procured from numerous charity shops.

I knew that Abby is a keen swing dancer so I was especially looking forward to the first dance and it certainly didn’t disappoint! I also didn’t know that Mark could also throw some equally impressive moves.  So the pair of them wowed their audience all while the fabulous 1950s rockabilly band Carmen Ghia & the Hotrods played a fantastic 1950s style cover of I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (“Dancing to a drum and bass like it’s1954"!)

Below are my highlights from the day, but you can see all 394 photos in this gallery: Abby & Mark’s Wedding

Abby & Mark Wedding-1.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-2.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-3.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-4.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-5.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-6.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-7.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-8.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-9.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-10.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-11.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-12.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-13.jpgChurch PanoAbby & Mark Wedding-14.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-15.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-16.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-17.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-65.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-18.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-19.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-20.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-21.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-22.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-23.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-25.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-26.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-27.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-28.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-29.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-30.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-31.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-33.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-34.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-35.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-36.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-37.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-38.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-39.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-40.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-41.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-42.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-43.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-44.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-45.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-46.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-47.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-48.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-49.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-50.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-51.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-52.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-53.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-66.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-54.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-55.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-56.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-57.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-58.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-59.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-60.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-61.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-62.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-63.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-64.jpgAbby & Mark Wedding-67.jpg

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