Friday 20 September 2013

Sheffield Town Hall Wedding - Siobhan & Martin

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of photographing the wedding of Siobhan and Martin at the Town Hall, Winter Garden and Mercure Champagne Bar.  Even though it rained heavily the wedding was wonderful and it didn’t detract from the wedding at all.  And the best thing is that this was only wedding ceremony number 1 for Siobhan and Martin.  The second ceremony is tomorrow at Darwin Lake and if the first one is anything to go on, the second one will be fabulous – I can’t wait!

I used to work with Siobhan and I knew that any wedding organised by her would be fabulous so it was an easy decision to agree to be their photographer.  I was initially booked for the wedding at Darwin Lake but when Siobhan asked if I was free for the “small” civil ceremony on the Thursday before I readily agreed.  What I didn’t realise was that this small ceremony would then turn into an average sized wedding with over 50 guests!

A selection of photos I took are below; you can see the full set on the gallery here: Siobhan & Martin Wedding 1

The Town Hall is a lovely venue and the old staircase made for a great group photo location.

The ceremony was lovely, especially the reading and the Jimmy Durante interlude.

We headed to the Winter Garden for some photos and then on to the Mercure Champagne Bar for celebratory drinks.

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