Sunday 8 April 2012



I spotted this little guy on the floor of my downstairs toilet yesterday and thought he would make a great macro subject.  So I placed a bowl over him while I set up two white poster boards, attached my extension tubes on my camera so I could get in close along with my 430EX II plus cheapo Stofen-rip-off diffuser to give me light.

I don’t know if he was paralysed by fear but he sat still long enough for me to compose this shot.  I focused in on the front of his face as best I could and then took this photo.  After a couple of minutes he then started to walk away so I covered him with the bowl for a couple of minutes which seemed to calm him down and make him stand still again.  I took a few more shots but none of them were as good as this one.

I then let him go back onto my toilet floor so that he could go off, doing his spidery things again without me flashing light in his face .

It was only after I had taken his photo that I noticed that the theme for the April AVForums photo competition is “Movie Title”.  So I thought this would work really well as “Arachnophobia”.  I’m not overly keen on spiders but seeing this guy up this close certainly gives me the creeps and increases my fear of spiders.  So I think this works on both levels but it remains to be seen if the voters at the end of the month agree .


  1. Wow, what camera do you use! My camera's macro doesnt zoom in like this and often blurrs? On the other hand i dont mind spiders, they are harmless!

  2. Thanks for your comment Event Photography. My camera is a Canon 50D and I used the Canon 18-55 USM kit lens plus these £10 extension tubes to take the photo of the spider. The camera itself wasn't important, as any Canon DSLR would have been able to take this photo. It was the extension tubes that allowed me to take this shot.