Saturday 10 March 2012



Today my good friend, and fellow photo-geek, Dave and I pooled our flash resources and set up a temporary studio at his house.  The only space he had large enough to accommodate my white background setup was his garden so we set up there. This meant that the studio quite often became more temporary than we would have liked as small breezes caused both the background and the umbrella stand to blow over.  But despite this the studio was a great success and the photos we took looked like they were taken in a much more expensive pro studio.

Unfortunately when I took that photo my 430EX II in the umbrella on the left didn’t fire because it needed new batteries and Dave’s Jessops flash on the ground to the left of the background didn’t either.  But hopefully you get the idea of how heath robinson our set up was. Note the bricks and rock at the bottom of the background which were there to try to stop the cloth from blowing around all the time!  The other two flashes were my YN 460 on the ground and Dave’s YN 560 on the stand on the right.

Despite it’s rudimentary appearance the studio worked really, really well in our photos, as hopefully you can see from my photos of Dave below:



Dave’s teenage son Nick was lounging about watching TV inside so Dave dragged him outside and he posed for us. He made for a much more photogenic subject than Dave was for me (and especially much more than I was for Dave!).

So I made this high-key portrait of Nick which becomes the week 10 photo of my 52 project and this week’s submission to the View 52 group on flickr:

10/52 - Nick

I really wouldn’t have thought that anything like these photos could have been taken in Dave’s back garden so I am really impressed with what we did with such limited resources!

PS Dave has also submitted a photo of Nick for his week 10 submission and you can see that here.

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