Saturday 8 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 8

What a difference a week makes!  This time last week I was embarking on my one photo of a stranger a day in October project in bright 29°C sunshine.  It was so hot that I was wearing shorts and got bitten by a tropical insect on my leg and my ankle and foot swelled up due to a severe allergic reaction. 

Fast forward a week and the world is back where it should be.  It is 11°C, grey and drizzly.  But I am still taking photos of strangers – just they have more clothes on than 1 week ago!

Today, because of the drizzle, I headed for the cover of the Winter Gardens and I spotted my potential subject straightaway.  He was looking at an art display.  I was just about to go up and ask him when I noticed he was with his wife.  I tend to not ask people if they are with someone else as in my experience that other person usually says no on behalf of the person I wanted. So i didn’t ask him and I wandered further around the Gardens looking for someone else to ask.  There wasn’t anyone as interesting as the man I had originally spotted so I walked back to the art display.  Thankfully he was still there and I asked him.  His wife was fine with me taking his photo as was he and this was the result.

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