Thursday 6 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 6

Today was always going to be one of the more challenging days of this month.  I was at a conference at the Hilton in Sheffield all day for my day job and I needed to be there the whole day.  The Hilton isn’t that close to the city centre so there wouldn’t be a huge number of people milling around.  So getting the time for a stranger photo would be tough.  And finding a stranger suitable for the task even more so.

Luckily I was the official photographer for the conference so I at least had my camera with me.  But I didn’t want to ask any of the people at the conference because I figured it was a bit unprofessional.

I managed to duck out of the conference during lunch, grabbed my camera and headed to the reception hoping to see someone suitable.  To make matters worse it was raining heavily outside so I was limited to who was hanging about in reception.  And then I saw her – the receptionist.  She had big, beautiful eyes and would be perfect. I asked her and she said yes. 

She asked me if I wanted her to smile and I said a blank expression would be better.  I did not expect to get what I did but I was thrilled – she certainly showed off her eyes to the max by opening them as wide as she could!  This was obviously her blank expression….

Tomorrow may also be a challenge as I have a very busy day at my day job with no proper lunch break either.  But hopefully I’ll manage to pop out for 5 minutes at least.  And hopefully I’ll be as lucky as I was today.

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