Friday 14 October 2011

One photo a day in October 2011–Day 14

My quest for a stranger today took me again to the Student’s Union but unlike yesterday I actually photographed a student today.  In fact I took photos of three students.  But I am only going to publish the photo of the last student I shot as I think her photo is the strongest.  At the end of the month I will publish the photos of the other two students plus those from other days that I took but didn’t publish, as there have been a few now.

Anyway, on to the stranger for today.  I spotted her sat next to the City View Cafe studying, and making noting in. a book.  She looked perfect – an interesting, yet pretty face and great big brown eyes that soaked up the light coming from the large windows behind me.  I liked how she had rosy cheeks too and how her cheeks blushed when I asked her.  And ,following a theme that seems to have run through a lot of my subjects for the month, she had great eye brows!

On my way to the Union I spotted a male student who I thought would make a great subject.  It is the second time I have spotted him this month but just like the last time he was walking quickly towards me.  He had a fantastic afro hair do and would make a distinctive portrait I think.  Unfortunately he was late for a lecture so couldn’t be photographed today but hopefully I’ll spot him again when he is less in a rush and he can be a subject for another day.  Here’s hoping anyway…

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