Sunday 21 August 2011

Alison and Ian–A Wonderful Warrington Wedding!

Yesterday I was extremely fortunate to cover the wonderful wedding of Alison and Ian.  It was a really special day and it was an honour and privilege to be able to share the day with them.  Some of you might remember the pre-wedding shoot I did with Alison and Ian last October.

It wasn’t just a wedding of two lovely people but a coming together of two countries – England and Canada as Alison is from Canada.  It was wonderful that so many of Alison’s family and friends made the long trip over to share in her special day. 

It was also a sign of how much Ian loves Alison (and also how much his friends and family wanted to be there) that Ian and all of Ian’s friends and family turned up and didn’t go to the pub.  Ian hails from County Durham and most of his family and friends support Sunderland with a few who support Newcastle.  Unfortunately for Ian, he had arranged the wedding date and time well in advance of the football fixtures being announced, and due to finish 5 minutes before the start of the wedding was the Sunderland v Newcastle game!  Unfortunately the match didn’t quite go in Sunderland’s favour but I think everyone soon forgot about that once they first saw Alison walk down the aisle – she looked absolutely stunning!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, what you want to see are the photos no doubt.  Below are my highlights of the day.  If you want you can see the full set of photos (warning – there are 315!) you can by viewing the full gallery on my website here.

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