Sunday 1 May 2011

National Skills Diving Competition 2011, Ponds Forge, Sheffield

Edward Diving-9.jpg

This weekend a national children’s diving competition was held at Ponds Forge in Sheffield and Edward, the very talented son of my friends Andrea and Chris, qualified for the competition.  I took my camera along and took some shots of Edward.  He did amazingly well, coming an impressive 30th out of 41 divers in his age category.  This means that he is the 30th best diver in the country for his age (and he was one of the smallest competitors too).  Well done Edward!

I thought he was amazing and hopefully my photos show just how talented a diver he is….

First up are some shots of him practicing before the competition started

Edward Diving-1.jpgEdward Diving-2.jpgEdward Diving-3.jpgEdward Diving-4.jpg

Edward Diving-5.jpg

This is him being introduced to the crowd in his club colours.  He dives for the Albatross club in Reading.

 Edward Diving-7.jpg

And this is the club mascot!

Edward Diving-6.jpg

Here are some shots from the 1 metre board:

Edward Diving-8.jpgEdward Diving-10.jpgEdward Diving-11.jpgEdward Diving-12.jpgEdward Diving-13.jpgEdward Diving-14.jpg

I also took some burst shots and have converted these into movies.  These give you an idea of just how athletic and balletic his moves are:


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