Wednesday 14 October 2009

One photo a day in October - Days 12, 13 & 14

A bit of a catch-up post for me.  I was in London on Monday evening and yesterday without a computer so no way of writing a blog post.  But I did take my camera so got my required photo each day.  And each one was a stranger portrait too.

First up, day 12, Monday.  I met up with my brother James and he accompanied me while I asked strangers if they minded if I took their photo.  I think he wanted to make sure I didn't get knifed or something.  Anyway, I wanted to take a bright-lights-of-the-city-at-night-kind-of-a-portrait so I tried out a test shot on James:


I then asked my first person, an old guy smoking a cigarette while waiting for a bus.  He said yes but didn't want to look at my camera so I took this side on portrait:

October 2009.12

I wanted to get a better photo to be my shot of the day but I suffered from batter problems - both of the camera batteries I had with me only lasted about 10 photos before they ran out of power - and problems controlling my exposure using my flash gun.  So that smoking shot ended up being my only decent stranger photo of the night.

Next up day 13, yesterday.  I attended a conference all day in London and was worried that my dead batteries would mean that I would have to use my iPhone.  Luckily, by swapping the batteries over I managed to get 2 more shots out of my camera, enough to take this portrait of a Big Issue seller by Angel tube station which became my photo of the day:

October 2009.13

Finally, on to today.  I had some fully charged batteries with me today so had no battery problems.  And I headed off to the Union again.  This time I got a 100% record - I asked 2 people and they both said yes.  First was this guy enjoying a cup of tea in one of the cafes:

Day 14 alternative

But once I saw my next subject I just knew if she said yes that her photo would be my pick of the day.  And so it became.  I think she hands out the same leaflets as the girl I photographed way back on day 1.

October 2009.14

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