Wednesday 21 October 2009

One photo a day in October - Day 21

The end of week 3 of my one photo a day in October challenge.  Only 10 days to go.  I must admit I am starting to flag a bit.  Some days I don't really have enough time to spend taking photos and then having to go out to photograph a stranger turns from being fun into being a bind.  And today was one of those days.  I had a working lunch so I had to rush out to the Union for 10 minutes after my working lunch, take a couple of photos and then head back to the office. I would have preferred to spend longer but that was all the time I had. 

My 31 day challenge seems long enough, I couldn't imagine trying to take part in a 365 challenge that many on flickr do!  And they make it even more challenging by only taking self portraits.  I couldn't think of anything worse.  After all, who would want to see one photo of my ugly mug let alone 365!

Anyway, on to the photos. After all that is why you're here, right?  A hard choice as to which photo to choose as my entry today.  I ummed and ahhed for quite a while and then chose this one.  I'm sure people will tell me I've chosen the wrong one but there you go:

October 2009.21

And here is my near miss:


The stats for today?  Oh OK then.  People asked = 2.  People who said yes = 2.  Number of satisfied photographers = 1.

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