Monday 19 October 2009

Ballet photos - finally here they are

Back on day 11 of my challenge I teased you with photos from my session with the 18 year old blonde who is able to put her foot behind her head.  Well, finally, here they are. And, if you haven't guessed by now I was commissioned to take some photos of an aspiring ballet dancer called Mary.  And great fun it was too. 

I was asked to take some shots of Mary for her portfolio.  She is currently in her final year of ballet school so needs these photos so that she can send them off to casting directors to get jobs once she graduates.  What she and her parents wanted was some shots of her doing her moves in unusual locations.  They live in North Yorkshire so the plan was to head off to some country locations.  But first I took a head and shoulders portrait of Mary as she needed one of these too:

Mary portrait

That out of the way, off we went into the beautiful North Yorkshire / Lancashire countryside.

field colour

field bw


ruins 2

Eros bridge

Just before ending the shoot we came across a small car park outside of a tea shop where we were heading for lunch.  Mary spotted a Ferrari so she insisted that I shot a photo of her with the car.   Not the greatest shot to show off her ballet skills but fun nonetheless:


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