Wednesday 23 September 2009

Business Trip to London

I've been back to that London on a business trip again.  As with my last business trip to London in April, I tried to get a decent sunset shot of the main sights from the Thames.  Unlike last time I stayed on land rather than taking the shot from a wobbly bridge.  Unfortunately the sun - and more accurately the clouds - wasn't playing fair so I didn't get to actually see the sun.  But I did manage to make this one which turned out OK:

The clichéd view

Is a pretty clichéd and cheesy view so I decided to let my friend and colleague Sam use my tripod for his camera and I got out my Sigma 50mm  f/1.4 to try some wide open shots instead.  I have been obsessed with The Wire these past few months.  A few times when the characters went to the docks at night the director would shoot the scenes wide open producing fantastic looking bokeh and lighting.  I decided to try to replicate this using the Houses of Parilament and Big Ben instead of Baltimore's skyscrapers:

Sam Composing the "Perfect Shot"

I spotted an Eastern European young lady who was being filmed by an Eastern European man on a professional looking video camera on a tripod and being directed how to act.  Very strange so I thought I'd capture a quick candid of her in mid acting pose:

Random Blonde

"Hey Sam, turn round to the camera and smile will you...."
Sam looking back

Sam on the bridge
Sam on the bridge

After Sam and I had got bored with Big Ben et al we became a bit peckish so headed over to Covent Garden and ate in the fantastic Thai Pot.  It was a really delicious meal.  I had Moo Ping for my main which was Thai grilled pork skewers and they were lovely.  The hot dipping sauce was delish too:

Moo Ping (Thai grilled pork)

Sam had the Red Thai Curry which also tasted mighty fine:

Red Thai Curry