Sunday 9 August 2009

New website, new blog design and more changes to come!

Those of you who are particulary observant will have noticed that the design of this blog has changed. And changed for the better I hope.

After the success of my first wedding I decided that I wanted to update my main website simonbutlerphotography.com to make it more wedding-ified. Problem was that the Lightroom plug-in that I was using to create my website was a very inflexible and was a real pain to update. After a very fruitless few days of trying to do the html & css coding myself - during which time I realised that I didn't understand either html or css - I discovered Smugmug. This is an excellent photography hosting site that has the flexibility to allow you to customise your site on their to your hearts content. And although ths customising involves typing in html and css code there is a wealth of already created code avaialble on the sugmug forum. And if this huge library of code doesn't have the right code for what you want to do all you need to do is post a message on their forum and some kind soul will provide it.

This has allowed me to completely redesign simonbutlerphotography.com to make it more how I want it to look like. To see my new site you may need to clear your browser history as you may only see my old design if you don't. I had to do this.

Also, thanks to this fantastic thread on the the smugmug forum, I have been able to match this blog to the design of the website so that the blog becomes an (almost) seamless part of my site.

I say almost because it isn't 100% perfect. When you click on "blog" on the menu bar of my site I want the address to point to "blog.simonbutlerphotography.com". Unfortunately I can't get this to work yet so the browser address bar above still says "somewordswhatiwrote.blogspot.com", which is the what this blog was called. Hopefully soon this blog will point to blog.simonbutlerphotography but not just yet.

And when it does become blog.simonbutlerphotography.com you may get a message asking you to allow your browser to redirect somewordswhatiwrote.blogspot.com to the new location. If you do please click yes!

Anyway, hope you like my new site. Let me know what you think!


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