Sunday 22 February 2009

Sunrise over Tokyo

sun-a-rise, originally uploaded by electrolyte2006.

So Tokyo then. As you might have been able to tell from my blog posts of the last week, I sort of quite like the place. But seriously, what an amazing place. As cities that I have visited go Tokyo is up there with New York as the best I have ever visited.

My trip there was without doubt the best business trip of my life. I had such a great time both professionally - the exhibition was a great success with lots of positive leads - and personally - I had a blast.

I have only been in my new job for just over 1 month and I work in a small team of 5 people; including me 4 of the team were in Tokyo. I didn't know my colleagues that well before we went but we got on so well while we were there and really bonded during the week. We also bonded with the lovely Japanese ladies from the North of England office too.

I for one can't wait to go back - there is talk that we may go to the same exhibition next year in Tokyo so hopefully it won't be long before I return.

Oh and the photo at the top of this post is another view from my hotel window, this time at sunrise.

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