Saturday 24 January 2009

Another day, another dish

Chicken chilli men, originally uploaded by electrolyte2006.

I've been cooking again. This time I cooked Chicken Chilli Men, a recipe from the Wagamama Cookbook. Although I think I've made it look quite nice from the way I took the "money shot", it really wasn't.

It was the first time I'd cooked the recipe and it sounded really nice from the book. So nice that I spent all evening taking photos of me cooking the dish in stages for me to make a recipe mosaic later. But it tasted so bad that I don't think I'll bother making the mosaic now. I was expecting a spicy Japanese noodle stir fry. What I got was a kind of badly tasting curry with noodles. Don't think I'll bother making it again.

I also made another no knead loaf today. This was more of a success than the chilli men. I tried an experiment with it - I used my bread machine to mix the dough before it proved for 18 hours in the machine. I wanted to find out if this would work so that I can get the machine to mix up some dough on a Friday while I am at work so I can bake the bread on a Saturday morning. I think I added too much water to the mix as the dough ended up being very sloppy but despite this, the bread turned out OK although it didn't rise as high as my 1st loaf:

2nd no knead loaf (by electrolyte2006)

2nd no knead loaf, sliced (by electrolyte2006)

After my evening of cooking I am writing this blog while watching one of my favourite all time films that just so happens to be on Living TV tonight. And what a film it is. I'm sure you were watching Living TV tonight as well so you don't need me to tell you what the film was. But for those few of you who weren't watching or don't have access to Living, I can give you some clues. It is a very cheesy 80s film. The main character is called Daniel. He's a Jersey kid who moves to Cal-li-for-ni-yay and gets bullied at his new school. And he befriends an old man. Not got it yet? How about this - it also involves plenty of wax-on and wax-offing...

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