Monday 6 October 2008

Philly from the 33rd Floor

Philly from the 33rd Floor

This is the view from the top floor of the Loews Hotel which is the hotel I am staying in. The view was stunning as was the sunset. Hope I've done it justice with this photo.

In my earlier post today I said that I was about to pop out to find a good place to view the sunset over the Philly skyscrapers. Well I did pop out but I couldn't find the place that I was looking for so I came back to my hotel. I was glad I did.

The reason why I chose to stay in the Loews Hotel was for the view. According to these reviews the view from the top of the hotel are stunning. They say that you need to stay on the top floor, the 33rd to get the best view. Unfortunately, despite requesting a top floor room when booking, I got placed on the 16th floor. And my room doesn't have a great view.

But on the 33rd floor there is a conference suite and I snuck into the suite tonight to watch the sunset. The view is stunning and I am so pleased that I didn't try to find the spot out by the river. The only problem with the conference suite was that the lights were on in all the rooms. This meant that there was quite a lot of reflections in the windows of the suite. I managed to find a relatively dark corner that had a set curtains that I could attempt to shield the camera from. It worked up to a point but the photo above was originally a panorma shot. But the logo of a neighbouring skyscraper was reflected in the window that I took the photos from so I had to crop out most of the panorama.

Anyway, I am pleased with it.

Tomorrow night I am meeting up with my good friend Ahmed and he has promised to find me some other stunning locations near Philly for some photos. Expect to see some photos from that jaunt in the next day or so.

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