Thursday 4 September 2008

Wide and Slim

The exit, originally uploaded by electrolyte2006.

Digital photographer takes film photos shock.

I am very much a digital photography fan. My bother James on the other hand is very much into film photography. In fact he is a big fan of cheap film cameras, the cheaper the better it seems. His favourite camera is a Vivitar Ultrawide and Slim. This is an incredibly cheap and plasticy film camera that has no settings - just load the film, wind it on manually and press the shutter. It has a fixed focus, fixed shutter speed and fixed aperture. What is great about this camera is that it can achieve Lomo affects without the extortionate costs of owning a Lomo camera.

He has given an Ultrawide and Slim and last summer I shot a roll of film and this summer I shot a second roll. In each case I used a slide film and "cross processed" it - ie processed the film as it it was a normal 35mm colour film. In the right hands - ie my brother's - this can cause the colours to heavily saturate and change to a weird kaleidoscope of colours as you can see from some of his photos here.

My efforts have been less successful like the one above which is a shot of the escalators at Canary Wharf tube station in London. Here are some more of my Viv shots:

The view

Cross processed Eye

Cross Processed Towan Beach

I think I will stick to digital from now on as I've only produced 4 photos from 72 shots that I am happy with. Not a great ratio really.

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