Friday 26 September 2008

Tomatoes that I haven't killed!

I am a hopeless gardener. I have tried and mainly failed in the past to grow some things in my garden. I am a serial plant killer. But amazingly this year I've managed to grow some tomatoes and some rocket without killing either!

As you can see from the main photo I have some tomatoes on the vine that almost look red (I did think about boosting the red colour on my PC to make them look more healthy but that would be cheating!). Unfortunately the one at the front has split but i don't think they are too bad considering.

In case you think that I have selectively chosen the only healthy tomatoes on the vine here are two photos that show how healthy the three vines I have are:

More tomatoes I've not killed

My tomato plants

I have to admit that I can't take much credit for this miraculous growth though. My friend Andrea grew these in her greenhouse from seed and gave them to me as well developed plants earlier this year. But as I haven't killed them I thought I'd show them off (and to prove to Andrea that I've looked after them OK!).

I can take the full credit though for the other success story in my garden this year though. Back in May I planted a whole load of seeds - basil, coriander, oregano, sweetcorn, cucumber and rocket. Admittedly the basil, coriander, oregano, sweetcorn and cucumber all either didn't grow or died but amazingly the rocket flourished! I've had a bountiful supply of rocket since mid June and it is still going strong. In fact I've had so much rocket that I've got a bit bored of it. But I've saved loads of money at the supermarket as I've not had to buy any lettuce for my sandwiches.

Anyway, here is the evidence:


Rocket bush

But Andrea, if you read this this, I do have to admit that unfortunately the pumpkin plant that you gave me at the same time as the tomato plants hasn't quite done so well. Well, when I say, hasn't quite done so well, what I mean to say is - it's dead. As a dodo. Sorry. Obviously I haven't completely got green fingers yet!

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