Tuesday 1 July 2008

Not happy with Björk!!

Apologies for the lack of a photo with this entry but I am extremely peed off and I wanted to vent my spleen here. I was due to go to see Björk at the City Hall in Sheffield tomorrow night. I have just found out that she has cancelled the show.

This wouldn't be quite so bad if it wasn't the second time she has done this. I was originally meant to go see her at the beginning of May at the City Hall but she pulled out claiming a throat problem on the afternoon of the concert. I was gutted at the time but at least the show got rescheduled to July 2. Unfortunately this time she won't be rescheduling so I've lost out on seeing her again. I last saw her live in 1993 so it has been a while.

I may go home and burn my Björk CDs tonight. Perhaps it will make me feel better...

PS I am very happy that Spain won Euro 2008

They played the best football of the tournament, had the best team and they did have a worse record of underachievement at major tournaments than England. So Viva Espana! Hopefully now that Spain have ended 44 years of hurt that it will be England's turn in 2010!

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