Sunday, 10 April 2011

Park Hill Flats – Urban Colour

Park Hill Flats-3.jpg

Regular blog readers will know that I am a fairly regular entrant into the AVForums Monthly Photo Competition.  You can see some of my past entries here, here and here.  I don’t enter as often as I’d like but I was determined to enter this month. 

As soon as I saw that the theme was “Urban Colour” I knew instantly what I was going to photograph – the Park Hill Flats in Sheffield.  Park Hill Flats are part of Park Hill, a 1950s run-down council estate that has been given a make-over recently.

Park Hill Flats-2.jpg

The flats polarise opinion in Sheffield – I thought that before their make-over they looked awful and were an eye-sore (you can see how decrepit they look in the two shots of a block that hasn’t been made up above).  Park Hill overlooks the train station so are very visible to visitors to Sheffield.  I was shocked to read on the wiki page about Park Hill that “It is the largest listed building in Europe”.  So that means that the council can’t just knock them down,

Although still not pretty, the make-over has at least injected some colour to the drab brown, grey and brown colour scheme.  So I felt they would be the perfect subject for urban colour.  And this is my entry.  Certainly colourful and very urban.  Hope the voters agree!

Park Hill Flats-1.jpg

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