Saturday 25 July 2009

What a wonderful day!

Today was my first ever wedding shoot. To say that I was nervous beforehand was an understatement. It was made worse that the couple were friends of my neighbour and I didn't know anyone at the wedding (my neighbour was only coming to the evening do and I didn't cover the evening do).

But it was definitely my best ever photographic experience - I had a blast! Julia and Ian and all their friends and family were lovely and it was a real pleasure and honour to be part of their joyous day. Unfortunately I can't share with you any photos as I thought it would be unfair to put them on here until the B&G had seen them. They won't be seeing the photos until Sunday next week so there will be a delay of a week before I can make them available on here - and on simonbutlerphotography.com and flickr.

But suffice to say, despite spending most of the last 3 weeks worrying that I wouldn't be up to the job and would balls up Julia & Ian's special day, I managed to get lots of photos that I was very proud of. I just hope J&I like them too. And some of them were a bit of a fluke really. While taking the formals it was very sunny - thank you wedding gods! - but although this made for some great back-lit photos, it made viewing the camera display nigh-on-impossible. I could just about make out the histogram and for each shot it seemed like I hadn't clipped the highlights. But I couldn't be sure. And I didn't have time to find a shady area to take a look. So I charged on with each shot and just hoped that they would be OK. And thankfully, when I got a couple of seconds to check after I'd taken the formals and before I was going to take the bride and groom only shots, I discovered to my huge relief that they were all perfect, just how I wanted them to look.

And the formals actually passed off without too much difficulty - another thing I had been worrying about. I had a difficult couple of minutes right at the beginning rounding up everyone for the group photo but Jsaon, the best man, and Byron, the bride's son, were a fantastic help and they sorted everyone out. The rest of the formals were a doddle really and thankfully everyone stayed where I wanted them to.

Yes, I made mistakes - for example there were a couple of times I went from inside to out, forgot to reduce the ISO and took a couple of white photos and next time I will pay more attention to everything in the frame (I've just spent most of the last hour cloning out the same sign and light from most of the formals) - but I really, really enjoyed the experience. I went from knowing no one at the wedding at the start of the day - I had only met Julia and Ian once before the wedding - to being almost part of the family by the end. I was joking with the guests, getting some great reactions to my photos and having a ball. I think a lot of the reason why this happened was because of the really lovely people that were at the wedding; it was a privilege to be with them all this afternoon. But I like to think it was because I was a pretty good wedding photographer too.

I enjoyed myself so much that on the way home from the venue I was even thinking of quitting my job and starting my own wedding photography business. But by the time I got home, reality sank in and I remembered that I have no other bookings at the moment so I will be going back to my normal work on Monday. But perhaps I can do a few weddings a year for some pocket money. Would be lovely. So watch this space.


  1. Simon, I'm glad you got on okay and didn't at all find it stressful from what you have writen. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. Well done mate.

  2. No, it wasn't stressful at all. I loved it in fact. Can't wait to do it again.